Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old School Popcorn

Many years ago I remember my fun Uncle David bragging that he could make the perfect popcorn. He was battling the first electric popper that our family ever had. Remember them? The oil and popcorn were put in the center, the dome was put over it, the butter was put in the top and the power turned on. Around the little arm would go until the popcorn was popping. It was so exciting to watch!

Well, I left our air popper behind and can't find one in any of the stores that I've been in (what's up?) so, in rememberance of my roots and fond memories, I tried the good ol' version with a frying pan and on an electric cooktop!

Old School Popcorn

Oil (I prefer Canola or Olive Oil)
cooking pot of your choice
and a cooktop/range (gas or electric)

Put enough popcorn in the bottom of the pan to loosly cover just the bottom (no more!)
Put just enough oil in the pan to barely cover the popcorn
Turn the heat up to about 7 or 8 (on the electric cooktop). Let things start to heat up and then every 30 seconds or so, move the pan a little to make sure the heat and oil are evenly distributed. You can even keep the lid off for a minute or two but then it needs to go on for all of the popping (or not, depending on how you like to entertain yourself). Once the popping starts, let some pop and then lift the pan up and move it around over and over so that the heat and oil stay well distributed and the bottom doesn't burn. Once the popping really slows down, turn the heat off. Pour the popped corn into a bowl and add your favorite salt. Yep NO BUTTER NEEDED!!! It's the best!